July 11, 2020 Tarot General Readings

7 of Wands | 4 of Cups | 4 of Pentacles

Just like a plant that’s not ready to shed its petals, you’re clinging to what’s changed and what’s still going on in front of you. If you find yourself irritated at this time, it’s time to exercise a little bit more to give some of this aggression a home. When it comes down to people being petty towards you, though it’s been jumping on a few nerves here and there, you will overcome.When it comes down to feeling like you’re hustling money and losing money, it’s time to go over your budget and look at your space.If the past came back regarding emotions you put away until you have the right answers, it’s time you were gifted what you didn’t know. At this time you may be trying to understand your feelings a bit more and guarding your heart at this time before jumping on something you want or before making and correcting past assumptions. When it comes to feeling betrayed, you will be able to see who is on your team and what’s going on with your life path.There are things you had to understand regarding past people in your life and though you didn’t let your heart grow cold, things that were unanswered have a new turn with them. If you’re pulling back at this time to understand what steps you should be taking next, the path will be shown to you but it’s up to you to figure out where you want to direct lingering emotions.When it comes to feeling like you can’t reach out to certain people, you may have a high expectation compared to the standard you’re looking for. You have romantic offers but due to what you have in front of you, you’re going down a road less traveled and will find your soul’s purpose again after feeling disconnected from God, source, spirit. Your inner spirit. You are battling old conditions and fears, but through patters unfolding in front of you and silencing your mind during mediation or sticking to a routine, you’ll see what the big picture is before everything comes to a close. Expect the unexpected.

Ace of Wands | The Fool | 3 of Pentacles

When it comes down to doing you, you’re on a roll when you see your wave coming. Right now it’s time to express what you can and keep it moving. You’re unlocking new and old things about your personality and if people aren’t on your vibe, take the L.When it comes down to feeling like you’re doing all the work, people are coming in now to cushion what you started in the last few months to years. The potential is growing with you and the pursuit for happiness is on. Just be careful when it comes down to feeling like you can read everyone like a book. There are some books you can’t judge by their cover. Be careful if you do modeling of any kind coming up or there seems to be a friend in your surroundings you’ll be breaking away from for the better. If you see other people still active with them on social media, they may play as a double agent. It may hurt, but it’s best to have people around how are not only neutral to the bullshit but can help you out too. When it comes down to feeling like your love life has gone from okay to null, this is a time for a lot of people to sit with so many forms of self-reflection. If you’re healing from an injury, you’ll be feeling better enough to start looking for new things to do, slow it down. There are a few things you forgot to add to your to-do list and they will be sneaking up on you. Though you have it, make sure to take a few steps lightly coming up. You may get a few envious eyes, but as long as the other people or person has their insecurities in check, you can keep going about your time and day.At this time there will be more people who come in and will help push you towards your goals or you’ll be pushing others towards their goals. You will be able to find your way through the mess, but don’t lose yourself. Reach out to friends even when they’re tired or you’re tired. You’ll see who your friends are in the end. But remember it’s okay to be first, especially regarding your mental health. Remember neglect is a killer. Don’t neglect yourself or your surroundings. If it’s too much, say and do what you have to, to get some rest and peace.Keep working on projects you now will bring in money for you. Keep the faith and magic alive in your work by flowing with it.

The Moon | The Star | Page of Pentacles

You’re understanding you’re not getting any younger and you’re ready to start trying to live life again as much as you can.When it comes down to feeling like you had kids too early or you’re carrying around what’s going on with family at this time, you’re being forced to sit with how you feel. Understand you are allowed. When it comes down to feeling like the old person out of the game, there are more positive things coming your way outside of the pettiness of the past. If you’re a Gemini looking into their past and trying to keep some hope alive, there are new opportunities coming up for you, but you may need to start adding prices and building that muscle. When it comes down to hustling and doing the best work you can, you do have to keep up with how consistent you want to stay. You’re seeing how people are flowing in and out the more or less you do work. It may be tickling your self-esteem, but see it as a trap your mind is trying to make for you. You have the time to get a few passions done or set up, it’s time to act.If you’ve been taking on too much or trying to impress people or a special someone with how you’re changing and doing what you need to do to feel free, your partner may be mirroring a boundary. If you’re not partnered or with anyone at this time, things are slowly coming together to help heal the past from feeling like you’ve been tossed to the side unjustifiably.If you’re going for your dreams and realizing you’ve been going in the wrong direction, sit with it. Is it the wrong direction or were you mislead? There are so many people rethinking and relearning what they believed was true and though some people won’t change, some people are still in their cocoon stage.If you feel like you’re ahead of the game, look back. You may have rushed through trying to do x,y,z, and lost track of what’s important. Balance comes from failure and success.

Knight of Pentacles | Queen of Pentacles | Page of Pentacles

If love is being delayed at this time, you can blame the stars. The astrology is setting you up to focus on your money. Though you can focus on love for a long time, since things are still moving slow and not on your timeline, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s time to focus. Slow and steady wins the race. If some things fall throw, then let them fall through. It’s better than sacrificing what you’re working so hard to build and keep up. When it comes down to feeling like money is slowing down, things will pick up again but it will be through hard work to make sure you understand you’re stronger than you realize and you have the power within you to create what you want for your life. When it comes down to people in your environment emotionally throwing you under the bus, go about your bus. You don’t have the time to argue unless you have the time, but from the cards it’s even showing how you’re ready to catch money instead of feelings people are now waking up to. You don’t have the time to play with your energy like how some kids play with their fun. Either you’re hungry or you’re not. Slow, that works too but more than anything, people will be rushing in with your energy in the next few months and it’s time for you to be solid with not only your decisions but to know where the fine lines are and to not be a doormat.If there is conflict with a parent coming up in the next few weeks, you can only look at the good for so long until you know you can’t sit next to problematic people. For a time you’ll help, but when it’s time for them to get dragged, are you minding your business and taking an L, or are you trying to control?If you’re fighting for your rights, the flames have gone down for a minute, but I feel again you have the power within you to not only start over but to bring new light into an inner situation which then brightens you up to not only the struggles you’ve faced but how far you know you’ll go back before you’re standing up for yourself and for your future. Again, love is complicated right now. There may be some arguments, but mean what you say and say what you mean. Correct yourself coming up. Let people get handed the karma you try to save them from because your ego gets hurt if you’re not as active as you want to be in certain situations and times.With the past coming back, they may have the same traits but what’s the connection worth?

Page of Swords | Ace of Wands | 10 of Wands

You see where you’ve been wrong in the past and mislead, you’re ready to embark on a new journey in life. Though you won’t be seeing the fruits of your labor often, you’ll be able to see where you’re making progress in other areas. If you feel like you’re life is repetitive at this time, it seems like even if you have something new in your hands you spoil it. Looks like it’s time to zoom out and get a few new perspectives on a few things you’re missing or have missed from your past. After harsh realities going off and on around you, you’ve felt stuck and only about to make decisions from opportunities you wanted to grab, but at this time, the fixed signs are being led in a way of not only looking at the facts but you all may be fighting your ego in some way at this time. If you know someone at this time who is going through a serious illness, it feels like it’s the right time to talk about legalities and new responsibilities before they exit. You may go through a time where your sexuality heightens for a time but it’s covering how you need true love to come in. There will be a few lovers that come and go, there will be lessons but remember your standards and boundaries. Know your limits. Others of you who have been questioning their actions and trying to turn things around for the better regardless of the past coming back or not, it’s time for you to keep growing as much as you can around your narrative of what life is giving you for the time you choose. That may sound confusing but more than anything, understand you can find source and happiness again after feeling disconnected from feeling like your life amounts to something.

4 of Swords | The Magician | Page of Swords

When it comes down to people spying in your space, it’s time for Virgo to upgrade and move out. When it comes down to work and relationships. There is an energy you’ve called in that is helping push you out of what you’ve been in. A job that’s not satisfying to stay or you’re being pushed in your relationship to figure out what you want at the heart of you asking for x,y,z.Where in the past, you felt unattractive, you’re realizing your health and what you have going for you. Money is something that is important but it feels like you’re trying to not get too comfortable with a certain amount of isolation anymore. Looks like you’re fed up with feeling as though you’re not going anywhere when it comes down to feeling loved or unloved. You may be putting out signals of new confidence coming up and though you may not get exactly what you want till you reach your new goal, you’ll have a few better understandings about your inner work and what you feel, you’ve been projecting or expecting. When it comes down to feeling like you’re being spied on by people you don’t trust, it’s safe to say you’re protected at this time.If there has been a heightened sense of paranoia, through getting some more rest or channeling your thoughts into writing or your art, will you be able to find a new finish line in what you want to accomplish? You have a new balancing act going on but more than anything, remember, people who are in your life, should stay on their own accord. If you’ve been isolating to the point where this is becoming a blurred line, there will be people that come in to help break some of the rust from old patterns. If you are sending an order to the universe to make your dreams come true, you’re on the right track as long as you’re still putting in the work. Slow take-off to a successful flight and landing.

2 of Swords | Ace of Wands | King of Wands

At this time, you’re given the option to far shoot into the future and see what kind of future you want for yourself if you go by what your instinct and intuition have to say, or you ignore what will be true for you. You can miss wrong turns all day long by doing nothing, but after a while, it comes back to you.When it comes down to feeling like, people are trying to toughen you up a bit, I can understand how you’re taking it personally, but at this time, rise above. Say and do what you have to, but fall back. Your energy at this time is very pure before the scales measure out again.If you reached out to your past or the past reached out to you, you’re both balancing each other out in different ways. This could be a situation in your head you’re putting the puzzle pieces back too and seeing where you were painted the villain when you were misunderstood. You’re putting your money where your mouth is and sticking to your principles. There are a few new things you have to learn when it comes down to your love life and social life, but at this time if you’re still doing the work, the transition is easy. If you’re not doing to work, there will be a storm of emotions.If you feel like you’re been carrying more stress than love, it’s time to reevaluate who gets what responsibility. If you’re diving into your creativity, there will be big turnarounds for you but how much of the past are you willing to allow to take your energy? How much will you have it steal from your present? You could be in the dark regarding how you were treated, but wake up to the now. The Now that’s in front of you and that holds the magic. Sometimes you can’t tap into it, but you can go the distance by doing as much as you can. Don’t run on E, but you like being the little helper too.

9 of Wands | The High Priestess | The Magician

When it comes down to people acting funny in your environment, give them some space. If you feel like you’re normally the one who goes out the back door of emotions, there are a few people growing in the corner where you can try and practice new methods of relating. When it comes down to looking over past projects and current projects, you can use them as an excuse to ignore some of the emotions you’re fighting off or you can get back into breathing exercises or meditation. When it comes to your emotions at this time, you’re manifesting a lot of what you say and what you need to come true at this time. The best part about it is that it’s your way and this time around you have the tools and the wherewithal in you to success. If you are fearful of the past, you have grown out of your old shell to help you establish where you need to go and grow, moving ahead. If you’re concerned about your health and your emotional life at this time, you need to approach some of these situations from a different angle with new knowledge being seen. There are people you want to reconnect with and for some reason or anything find people on another page, it’s time for you to talk and reason with the other half of you with why you throw so much at others to heal with and not acknowledge where you still need to heal. It’s time to become honest and brave but a lot of you are misdirecting where to meet or confront challenges. It’s up to you at this time to master some of your emotions to get the outcome you want because some old sneaky ways are coming to an end. By your season, you should be transforming with your new skin and new money bag. Heal and get the bag. Join the wave.

Death | Temperance | Ace of Cups

For a time you felt very stuck and unbalanced, now you’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with where you want to go at this time. If you’re feeling like, you’re succeeding and people can’t meet you, keep doing you. When it comes down to craving new connections or old connections, it’s strong at this time but the cards want everyone to know at this time, there are more massive changes happening and taking place. If you’re able to slow down at this time, it would be for the best. If you’re in a mildly upsetting situation when it comes down to friends and their belief systems or family and how they think. you will be pushed to make a decision coming up to push you into environments that are better suited for you.If you’re on the wave, you’re just in time. Keep rolling out everything you set in place. There will still be a few more delays, but at this time, it looks like you’re almost clear with finishing out an old cycle. Though it may come up again in the future for review, you can start to relax that one part of your life you’ve been gunning for answers. This could be in your emotional life or getting back to your center. If you’re feeling as though some relationships aren’t taking you seriously, I see you or the other person stepping up in the next few weeks or into October-November. The universe wants to make sure Sag is taken care of. Though there will be a few moments where you hyper fix on situations, coming out of cancer season into Leo season will cushion how you’re feeling regarding what’s going on in and around your community, family, or friends.

Ace of Wands | 10 of Wands | 4 of Swords

You may be pushing people away at this time or bringing them in. Either way, it feels like you’re trying to take or cling to opportunities you feel you can win at. Not saying the work isn’t still there, but there are things surrounding a new beginning for you that may have you on the edge where it’s not a natural state for the Capricorn. When it comes down to money and feeling like things are coming to an end or you’re working yourself into a cycle, you can overcome the obstacles thrown your way. When it comes done to what you want and how you want things delivered, it’s a challenge at this time because cancer season wants you to get the point with why you’re doing x,y,z when a,b,c is the easier way out. When it comes down to feeling like you’re all alone in your responsibilities, it may be due to people still not being able to work like they use to, for you all, it could also point to feeling exhausted by not doing what you want to do. At this time, if you are looking more into occult teachings or wanting to get involved with a new hobby, now it the right time. When it comes down to love, you may feel disappointed with where you are and where your partner isn’t and vise versa.

The Fool | The World | 7 of Swords

You feel the world coming to you or opening up in a matter of time and exploring new options in your head with all the things you want to change and do. For yourself or for the community. Some of you may be stepping it up when it comes to self-care and what it means for you to be financially stable. When it does come down to stability, you may question if you can handle the pressure of going out on your own or settling down with someone. If you are feeling scared due to the past, it seems like, some of the past catches up to you in a way that makes people see your true strength. Either through friends and family or to new people you’ve started to accept growing around.When it comes down to love offers, you may be keeping people at an arm’s length because there have been old triggers popping up for you to heal and move forward with.You may be someone you’re standing up to and for others after feeling a great loss for years. With expectations, you had for yourself and others and may be due to some impatience that comes across the energy of Aquarius. Your standards are doing well and relearning what’s going on, looks good on you, but don’t forget at this time with so many downloads and reworkings in people, collectively, we need a minute. Push forward to get points later or fall back into your emotions. When it comes down to the past coming back or feelings coming back about the past, trust your gut when it comes down to what your body accepts or rejects.

King of Wands | 2 of Cups | Justice

When it comes down to who you trust emotionally, it’s coming to ahead. You have new connections coming up for you but it looks like you want to make sense of the past before moving forward. Ready or not states the universe.When it comes down to work, there are some big questions popping up about things you’ve tolerated in the past and now is the time to have laser focus on situations regarding work and career. Is this the work you wanted to do or is it time to break generational curses and break out of mental prison. When it comes down to feeling like you’re left behind, going down your road has your own genius quality. Don’t forget, everyone has something to offer, but guard that part of you against people who want to expose you to the evil of any kind. (boundaries)When it comes down to feeling like you’re one person out, the cards want you to know, people are coming in to correct confusion, but it’s up to you to be humble or to ignore the truth. Though some of the truth will be jarring, keep going when it comes down to your freedom or your dreams. Both?If you feel like it’s a long uphill battle, remember Pisces are the sign who bust out of situations by working hard. Though people have turned that quality against you and others, don’t be afraid to live and feel like you have a right to live and move forward.Some people are coming into sobriety at this time and it feels good. If you feel judged by old friends, remember to give them space.

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