July 15, 2020 Tarot Readings

6 of Wands | 9 of Swords
You’re reaching new heights and going with your gut a bit more to understand a new level, entirely. If you’re confused on things are playing out as they need, your planet is about to go into retrograde to meant Chiron (the wounded healer) in your sign. Everything is being reset for the year forward. We are watching up to where we’ve been focusing too much on the past in some cases and not enough on the present or reality. You’re waking up to what your surroundings have to order, but more than likely you’re feeling divided at this time. Let things take their natural course and realize that some people will be leaving your life at this time so you can begin on your own journey. It’s not all about one way or the other, but Cancer energy and Capricorn energy are asking you, where can you stretch your mind a bit further. Me carefully and mindful of driving any vehicle or riding a bike without a helmet. Mars in Aries focuses on the head which may mean sudden and fast head injuries so we want to be as careful as we can with all eyes on the road and not going too fast or too slow. Basic rules all over again for the best resolve though it’s slower than you like, make the playlist before getting in the car. If there is tension in the neck or shoulders, you may want to see someone about what your options are when it comes to your health. Rest a bit more if you have the time.

7 of Pentacles | 3 of Swords
Dealing with a few separations at this time and thinking about your next move when it comes down to being with the pack again. For good or for bad, but with everyone social distancing you have to get clear with where you are in your journey and what ticks you have that need to be re-examined. Some of you, this process may be quicker than others and that’s fine. But there are a few things you’re rethinking where it comes down to how you and others work and what kind of space you and them need. It feels like it’s on a multitude of levels, but more than not, you can cater to different projects or products you have. Toxic some of your toxic thought patterns or you may be seeing others struggle with understanding why they’re wrong to you or them. Some Taurians may be having a few flashes here and there with where their life is heading and for some of you, you’re having dreams that seem like you’re taking forever to snap out of. Start writing some of it down and practice sharing it with a few people. You need to open up a little bit if you’re willing. Something about feeling like you have a creative block, it’s time to do small practice work. On your phone or however, you decide to write. Your creativity may take a left turn that you didn’t expect. Keep working hard and you get to keep going up a little more, whoever this is for. Where you don’t see any effort or progress in your endeavor, some you have to leave behind and others, things are looking lively. Money is looking good as it slowly builds, but where you run short, you might be right on time somewhere else.

4 of Wands | 4 of Cups
You may be sending some mixed signals to a few people. Say less in some situations or bow out when you feel your dips coming.If you’re dealing with being overworked at this time, you’re slowing down to catch the right speed.If there is a transformation going on with your reputation and friends, things are being set straight, but even that takes time with information everywhere, and work that still needs to be handle. You have fast moments in reality checks and going about your business. Where you’re beginning to have greater aim what everything you’re going towards, don’t burn out. Moderate in order to focus on the smaller details. If the past is nagging you still in some way, ask better questions. The challenge and message. It seems like with some aspects you’re overshooting or missing the marks altogether. Ease with even the wind coming in.

Temperance | 8 of Swords
If you’re connecting with any Sagittarius in your life or it could be in your chart, you will find yourself out of a situation that feels like the end of the world. If someone kicked someone to the curb and now they’re homeless or staying at someone’s house in the meantime, things will clear up with your finances but you have a lot of inner demons coming up to talk. You could have people wondering where you are but you’re not telling people anything. You’re off trying to heal in some way after a betrayal. Any kind.You’re going to succeed but you need a practical plan. No, I’m going to do this, that, or the other. The energy feels like you’re in survival mode and the next plan of action is money or resources. If you’re struggling with bills at this time, it will not last, but things will feel so incredibly slow. The advice is don’t go crazy if things are going slow, take your time. Take your time esp if you can feel your health going south in some way.Be a bit more vocal about what you’re trying to accomplish and people will meet you there. If you’re worried at this time feeling like you’re not doing enough, that goes along with how some of the planets are positioned and are moving. Don’t get trapped in your head with any negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts, or feeling like you’re a failure. You have to put a cap on how you’re trying to handle or fix your problems. Hands in many pots, but with having a plan, you’re doing half the work.

The Tower | Empress
Fighting all the inner demons, first thought with this combo. Or around this time, you have a boss or demanding female figure coming into your life where they may rub you in the wrong way if you know this person. They step on people’s toes, but they have the best intentions. You may also be this figure coming into other’s lives. Or you’re on the road to finding and connecting with your divine feminine. For some males who are reading this, you could be taking on a nurturing role in your life at this time. You may be still learning about your identity in some way, but it is temporary ( the confusion). You find the answers and have time to process your findings. It may not take a lot of time but acknowledge the whole situation.If you’re dealing with someone ruthless at this time and they’re projecting, it’s time for you to cut this person out or it’s time to stand your ground in some way against what you won’t tolerate in your life. Be careful if someone starts to threaten you. You may take them to court, or someone’s taking you to court and it looks like they lose. Either way, some person is telling lies about someone innocent. They believe they have more power over the other and they hurt themselves.

The Lovers | The Emperor | 5 of Swords
If you are a male, at this time it’s very easy to lose your tempter these coming weeks. Depending on current events and different triggers going off, some people will be falling out of your space while old and new energies come back in. If there is any drama, you know how your moral dial goes especially with conflict. There’s no room to hide with who’s causing the upheaval. Your family members could be coming to you at this time about other family dramas or issues, but you’re protected at this time. Not only do you not have time for it, but you may also give people the harsh reality they may have been running from. It’s your decision to push the gas to the floor or the ease the car into motion if the car can’t catch the hook forward to go faster. One way, the car can still go fast but other people may rush you along the way to get going. Don’t push the tools in your life or yourself. Ease off discomfort for a second. Take a nap on break or at least put your emotional health first, you need a break. If there’s trouble on the job where you’ve been overworked, don’t forget to stay hydrated. If you feel like it’s one of those days, prep. Prep for the new day or coming hours. There are a few Virgos who will be biting back these coming weeks to people who to the heart were being disrespectful. Stay in your limits, Virgo.

7 of Pentacles | 10 of Wands | 5 of Pentacles
Stay in your lane coming up. With how the planets are set up, balance out what you need to focus on. Yes, you’re realizing where you weren’t listened to, you’re waking up to how you’re moving your money. If you’re into raising your vibration, you’re flowing with a new routine or mediation, but practicing what you know to be true as it is now. You’ll be given new responsibilities in the coming days to weeks, but be mindful not to take everything on at once. Get one way of moving down before jumping to the next. Or if all else, if you are jumping from one place to the next, making sure it’s strong and steady. If you’re still not talking to people at this time, for whatever reason, Libra, there are feelings you just need to identify, acknowledge, or release. If you’re feeling separated by loved ones at this time it’s up to you to be open to their energy and yours or to hold back a bit to get to where we need to be with a business or with your emotional life.If you’re leveling up but embodying what a Libra symbolizes, you will be fruitful in times coming. What was once down or hidden can not stay there forever. Everything must reach the light at some point in time. Whether you stay or go, it’s time to be wise about long term goals and where you want to be. The universe always helps you Libra, tap into this processing with what’s going on in your family life to fuel why you move the way you do.

King of Pentacles | Death
A few things you put away in the closet are coming back in innovative ways. Sometimes being the leader gets you into trouble and taking on that role can feel daunting if you’ve been resting. Sure, things aren’t they use to be, but now it looks like after a few losses, you’re gaining new confidence and with ease, you’re going with the flow.You’re slowly remembering when and where to slow down and not compromise your health. If you’re thinking of going back to school, listen to what family and friends have to say about the direction and find a pattern if you’re trying to find your field. In time you can narrow it down and believe the cards when it mentions you’ll see more than one thing, you were zeroing on. If you’re going through a time where you’re still processing someone’s death, you can still take your time, no one is rushing you, but when you notice you need to come back into the fold, go with your body. You may start to see slow changes in how others deal with you or how you can deal with others. Don’t forget to drink water and wear your masks. There are new rules being set in place but invest in you. The food you need, shelter, your health, your wealth. Balance out where stress needs to lie down.

Death | The Tower | Temperance
My first reaction was to watch out for burn out. If your tanks are running low, stay hydrated, you may have to call in for some of you. Now you have some a scare at this time, but keep your spirits high as much as you can before receiving results. A few of you may be experiencing someone in your family getting sick or someone suddenly passes away. You may be experiencing shock or symptoms of shock. Some of you straight up just need tp go see a doctor.With your card, Temperance here, it’s showing you’re protected at this time but there is chaos going on around you. You have to address a few issues head-on, but don’t treat your loved ones harshly. Ease up on yourself and everyone for a minute and exercise breathing techniques, playing a few games before Xyz errands or exercises. Some of your relationships will be going through a few major overhauls. You may have to give your attention to finding a new job and looking for stability of any kind at this time.Don’t give up hope, but understand you will get through it. It seems like it’s going to be the dark night of the soul, but you will be able to bonus back. If some of you are fearing on going to jail or not, people are protected. Whatever situation you’re in when it comes down to legal work. On the other side of the coin, there could be remodeling wherever you work. A contract will be up soon and so comes a big decision with what to do about not only a home but where you want your life to go and what you want it to be like. You still have time to make these choices, but make sure you don’t sit on it for too long without an answer.

King of Pentacles | 9 of Cups
If you are a male Capricorn, at this time your money may have been acting funny, but the tables are turning. It’s about equally what you need out. A natural balance is radiating from you at this time and who you’re calling in are people matching your energy. For all Capricorns, you’re manifesting or learning about what you want in your life and in your space. If you feel yourself being a bit more agitated, yes, because of the planets, but this is the season and Leo season where you need to catch up speed here and there. With a few planets in Cancer at this time, it’s calling for you to examine not only your family life but to narrow in on who you want around you. From jump you want to love (x) person, but slow down. Planets still want to dance and others may have 2 left feet. No insult to the cross reader. If you’ve signed documents or are in a new agreement in business, you have a lot more coming your way. Delegate new hours or be firm with a new schedule. If it changes coming up, so be it, in a few ways- esp in the next few weeks. If you’re soaking up the rising energy coming in for you, don’t forget about discernment.

8 of Cups | The Lovers | 4 of Cups
Walking away from things that don’t serve you anymore. Attitudes you’re outgrowing. Behaviors you’re outgrowing. If you still have a door open to the past, some new beginnings can’t come in. Don’t bet your security, focus. There are people you’re leaving behind or you have a decision regarding what to do with a team and how to go about things. Where to follow the law, when to pull back. If there are vivid dreams you’re having at this time, remember, some dreams don’t make sense until a day later or maybe a few years. Write them down. You’re coming into greater unions from your past, but there are situations in your past you have to re-correct as well. It’s time to clean up your home if you’ve been experiencing any bad luck or if you feel you’re creatively being drained. If you’re someone coming back into spirituality, this may just be a time where you understand why you observe more than act at times. Where that can trip you up and how it can be a phenomenal asset. If you feel at this time that you’re being pulled to re look at your past life or your karmic cycle, best words, “get it over with.” Look the problem straight on. When it comes to the focus you jump in like it’s a pool or a lake. Or you can sit on the side and put your feet in. Chill and come with fewer expectations for abundance to take the situation in. Remember gratitude.

The Hermit | The Devil
It is best to pull back at this time and do some inner redecorating. It’s time to focus on your body and your health going forward. Money has been a toss and turn, but in the coming week or few, there will be a few sweet surprises when it comes to money and material gain. There are jealous people in your space at this time, but as long as people stay in their lane, breathe deep and let the energy go. Easier said than done sometimes, but around this time these are a few areas that have a high focus.If you have Virgos or Capricorns around you, at this time people or you want to talk. There are a few employees looking to get raises or you’re going to work using your prices or asking for a raise. There will be a little push and pull, but don’t push your health. Focus on your health issuing into your wealth. You may be very distracted this time of the year, but Cancer season wants you to look at the things you’ve created and put out into the universe so far.World falling apart or not, just like worker ants, we have to find a routine after chaos. Visualize what you want for your next stage in life and watch it come to fruition with the work you’re putting in. You have a lot of hands in pots at this time, but when something has your focus, get it the appreciate attention this week for the tables to shift.

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