May 2023

The Tower | 4 of Cups

Hey Aquarius! Shocking events in family, your work, and with your relationships are due this month. Pluto makes its way back into your 12th house and gives you a quick break before the transformations truly take hold in 2024. You’ve adjusted your power or this is a task of the past needing to be passed like a test. The idea of you being giving a test is an audacity to your mind, but your experience hasn’t been passing the test. Working harder than smarter will get you certain points of honor but you can’t be a doormat forever and think that’s a better route for gaining respect. You may feel like you’re taking 10 steps forward and 6 steps back. You’re working against the tide and the naysayers. Your knowledge and education will be pushed to new heights. Love it or not. There is a higher chance to escape the pattern of depression this month to find the spark if you’ve been in your mind and soul searching. It’s time to cloud watch in your free time or it’s time to take in new moments when you have a chance to grasp at them. When there, you will start to make the transformations you want to and find your new voice in what you want. Lying for a reason will start to lose power in your relationships if this has been a bad habit brewing, because instead of hiding with the stars, ready or not, we wanna know you for you.

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