May 2023

9 of Cups | Page of Wands

Hey Cancer. You’ve been collecting information, money, ideas for months. People who want to be in your life are excited to see your passions and craft bursting out and people are attracted to your overall vibe. The time is right for your intelligence, art, walk, and everything you’ve been sculpting, to coming into new exposure. Play with the music. When it comes down to your insecurities, the retrograde will tempt you to speak your mind to the wrong people. These people could be friends, family, or individuals who are unwilling to change who they are as people, if all else, people who have their own lane of believing, being, and doing what they can to survive. To some extent, you can resonate with this and it’s important to know this beforehand so you don’t set fire to opportunities as the years line up for you. Why be set back due to something petty or misguided? Channel your passion to the root and stay in your own lane. The spirit of discernment falls over you indefinitely.

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