April 2023

5 of Sword | 6 of Cups

Hey Capricorn. Boredom is another way your body to telling you it needs to rest to find better stimulation for growing challenges down the line. You’ve been battling the run around while keeping your head about everything important to you. You’re asked to sew your life together again with the past in mind. Family calls on you to make new sense. Short and sweet but at the heart of it, you want to go after the good feeling of being alone or being around your set of people who just get you. There are people who have to learn how to love you and see the wittiness of your character, but as you know, this doesn’t translate over well with new people that come into your life. You’re finding new ways to respect in the conflict of certain matters. In relationships where they feel and you feel like you have to tolerate the bad feelings, and you have to witness their discomfort as you set boundaries; they are hard won, petty battles in your eyes. Your appreciation for life isn’t being turned against you but the torch is being passed down the line. In this space you’re able to think and know yourself better, keep your money management close to the chest. If there are family disruptions, see conflict as a sign of trust in whatever form it’s being recognized, as seen, through your eyes.

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