March 2023

10 of Swords | 3 of Pentacles

Hey Gemini. Bathing in some kind of self care will do you wonders this month. The calm before the storm. Laws changing. Money and shared resources changing. You will be facing how people put you on a pedestal. How they’re with going with you or against you. The thing is the people who are will you wanted to know you’re with them too. You all need each other at this time and in Pisces season it’s a new layer of understanding between you and your people. Though you have some questions about how and why people have acted the way they have, you and yours are all trying. You all are trying your best with the money, resources, and love you all collectively want to improve on. Speaking of, there are people who in some way want to prove themselves to you or start over again. Let time and everyone’s timeline go at their own pace. The wounds we think are healed in others aren’t always a reflection of what’s true. A word. Have a beautifying March!

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