May 2023

2 of Swords | King of Swords

Hey Gemini. You’re not into anyone wasting your time. You’ve been down and out around your perspective. You’re tired, but you’re tired of feeling unhappy for nothing – so you’re ready to naturally explore, regardless. You have some hard talks with family and some individuals at work coming up and how you want to move forward. If you are marriaged or have a partnership, conversations run smooth but the retrograde will have you feeling like you can’t trust. This will be a reflection of what you have finished and what you need to get done. Trust your intuition along with this knowledge. Focus on your lane as the truth around you takes the time it needs to reach you. Mentality, don’t waste your time, but find solutions and build new pathways of trust through conflict. You could be thinking of re-locating, cleaning up your mental space, going over potential bad habits, and making changes to your physical appearance as examples. There are more opportunities coming your way but some of the contracts headed your way may come with interesting strings attached. Some of you may want to come out from hiding about something but you’re being urged to line up your resources and chosen family. People may be entertained by your reactions but why be the battery for them in this manner anyway? Stay safe and protect your energy.

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