May 2023

Page of Pentacles | Temperance

Hey Leo. You’re tired of the old songs playing and trying to manipulate you from behind your back. You’re ready to take up space again, even with the bumps and cuts in the road. Pluto and the your rose-colored glassed are also turning into short-term goals this time around for the retrograde. The Sun will bring your potential at your fingertips as it moves into Taurus season. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. With some of these energies combined go with something you’ve been eyeing for some time now but go with your first instinct with what to do and how to approach your newly forming goals. Memories fade this month but don’t forget you’re working hard towards something for you- from you. Your creations. It is calling for you to balance your head and your heart space, but as people are attracted to you, keep more for yourself this time around, especially if you’re single and growing without dependence. If you have a family, you are gifted more independence regardless of the moods you’re in, but it is time to hear all perspectives while everyone learns this new found of comfort in independence.

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