May 2023

2 of Cups | 8 of Swords

Hey Libra. You will be confronted by people who have some reflection of you in them. This challenge brings about your own inner double-edged sword. Uranus being in your 8th house is wrapping up the lessons in life you had to learn around intimate relationships and special connections to people. You’ve seen the true colors of yourself and you’re asked this month; “Do you like the process you’ve made to step out of your comfort zone?”, “Do you have more work in terms of your karmic contracts?”, or “Have you done the work and have been selling yourself short due to your team enduring setbacks?” All have been secret and you’ve enduring a lot of criticism to come to the realization that, you can handle more than you thought you could handle outside of fear or someone saying your couldn’t. Maybe for awhile the battle of you against you was never about you but the earned work and gratification of working with others and helping them up. Highly fertile month. Have fun, but be safe. If you are pregnant I feel like this month may be a little challenging concerning how people treat and approach you. This month, your relationships change again. How you feel present is one of the all time highs you’ll have but get ready for the naysayers. You’ll know if it’s deserved or not and you will have to act accordingly. If you stay stuck, you will not make more process and have to repeat cycles you didn’t understand, again. Take the learning curves with stride. Pride can go a few weeks and though committed to your loved ones, pick the better choice for all. If this test is presented to you, you’ll be favored more down the line than seen as someone who’s slimy with their deals. Yet that’ll be a you vs you situation overall and any consequences that come after.

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