May 2023

6 of Pentacles | Ace of Pentacles

Hey Pisces. You’re putting your foot down and you’re making your new backbone known. Some of you are taking a leap of faith with work or passing the torch in your life. Returns from years passed will start to drain you as a gift to you and your patience or it’s a new lesson with how you didn’t/ can’t put yourself first and why. You need to find the pressure valve in your life otherwise. Where are you not around the right people to help you establish an escape from feeling like you can’t turn to the people around you for help? This may be one of Saturn’s lessons in your life that will be installed, new or for the first time. If there were betrayals in close relationships, Saturn has already started the work of showing you where the drains of your people are tugging at you/ or breaking the pipes of trust altogether. How they treat you and the people you love come into full swing. Your process is seen and felt regardless of the jealousy that may be coming in strange places. If there are people who are learning from you, this has been a challenge with your free spirit but in addition you’re seeing the reward and where people in the future will try to take too much from you now than later. If you’re going through new lessons of what you’ve seen, you are passing or you’re ignoring the whole process of participation needed in your life, whatever the relation. It’s an interesting month of give and take but what goes around, comes around. If you’ve been striving in ways that make you trust yourself more but have been bittersweet; you’re on the right road and you see why despite the feelings of wanting to do more, but against your better judgement.

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