May 2023

7 of Swords | Magician

Hey Sagittarius. Someone could be stealing and getting caught. The bass of the instruments and speaker hits you differently this month and more passionately. You have the intensity and intelligence to carry out your own holes in the pipes and exposing any deception around you and about you into being fixed. As you expose yourself to your people vulnerability is coming into a head where you wanna try again, but as you know, this can either go well or make you feel like a withering flower. Some of you are working hard behind the scenes and finding some new grounding in your explorations. If you’re coming together with a team or your setting ideas in place, it’ll all work out in its own time and you feel the truth in the momentum you have. If you have been recently stopped or hindered by grief, this was for your protection. At times when we wanna be our best but our healthy ego or natural abilities aren’t there, in time, it’s natural to pull back and work at the basics to fuel or find the spark again. If work as been tough, around this time you may be manifesting or going after a new job that is a better fit for you. Somethings you outgrow and that’s okay, just move accordingly. The best complaint we can say or give is knowing there are 24 hours in a day.

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