March 2023

2 of Swords | 8 of Cups

Hey Sagittarius. Indecision and walking away from old mistakes. New backbones are growing and needing to recharge through it. Your words are sharp and correct. How others react should tell you everything abut how others are growing around you. You’re not in control of every action and reaction but how you stay focused says more about you than not. You’re not letting anyone walk all over you and you’re planning out your new schedule of order and success. There are old issues that may come up in your mind but just take note that the universe is on what’s been pressing on your heart so intensely. If you’ve had strong words towards people, both/ all of you see the double edged sword to your truth but your attitude and how you want to move forward with the attention on you, is your choice. Have a great new beginning Sagittarius.

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