March 2023

10 of Cups | Hanged Man

Hey Scorpio. Spring time blues or spring cleaning for you guys. You’re feeling refreshed but also needing extra time to recharge. Family members or balancing out friends or loved ones’ attention is coming around. Some of you may be separating from family or starting too as you learn to branch out more into what you want to do with your life. I feel like some of you are going to be meeting new, and possibly, long term friends or you’re walking into a long term romantic relationship. If you are already married or partnered I see this being a month or renewal with where the relationship is going and what small changes you want for the relationship. If you feel like someone is transgressing on your boundaries, this is the month you set in stone why this is a bad idea for others. You are a gift and to be mistreated isn’t on the roster. Let things play out the way they need but be strong when showing up. You have the energy to pushback and be a leader. Scorpio, be the boss and have a good one!

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