May 2023

Queen of Pentacles | 2 of Wands

Hey Scorpio. It’s a time you want to be silly and be a little too open about people. Even the ones who wanna help you. Somehow, you’re enduring karma from someone else wanting what they want, and you having it. If this has come full circle and you’ve done this to someone else who had your best intentions, understand the universe is working with that person you buried or wrote off. Outside of that protect yourself, but be mindful of any contract you sign. Jealously doesn’t always come with a stamp of understanding but don’t be fooled into believing that you don’t see what you see. People are changing for the good around you and your fixed nature is have an up and down about it. The retrograde across from you will humble you without shame or grief, but in the comfort of knowing that there is more to life than what the past was offering. If you live in a place where you’re fighting the good fight; see yourself on top when this all blows over. A traveling and learning spirit is taking you over. Your natural venom is being redirected into a state of seeing the underdog win. If you’ve been the underdog in your own life, things will go at the pace comfortable for you. You have potential business offers in the future, yes, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. In the meantime, keep doing what you’re doing and trust yourself. You have the fire to get it all done, even some old projects you forgot, held on the back burner.

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