I offer a range of different card spreads for allotted times. Let me help you find a little bit more peace or ease with a few answers or what to look out for. After something major happens, it can help pave the way to a new life as you work towards it. Finances, business, love, more information down below.


Schedule a time and date

Business forecast
Love / Healing
18+ Love Reading
Spiritual Message
Dream Work
Divine Advice
General forecast (your timeline)
What you need to know / What are they hiding from you?
Life / Motivation

Taking payments only through Venmo and PayPal only~





3 card pull · $10
5 card pull · $20
(yes or no questions included)
General Reading * $35
Celtic Cross · $65

(They are available for email / DM Message~)


In Depth Tarot Reading

45 mins (w/ pictures and email or video call) · $100

1 hour · $150
(video calls available)

Taking payments only through Venmo and PayPal only~

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