May 2023

8 of Swords | Hierophant

Hey Taurus. It takes a big heart to go after a full vision and your energy has grown with the errors around you. Ready or not, you’re being thrown into the light of your future and your heart health. There are some things you’re letting slide or you’re looking back and collecting the important information as you go. You feel, in odd ways, you’re gaining more respect and endurance. Make sure others don’t get you in trouble and be open to having more freedom-thinking thoughts and eye-opening conversations. There are some things you can’t see and others admire these qualities that you can’t see yet about yourself. The blindspots around the goodness of you are being polished up even if at times it hurts to feel stuck after accomplishing so much. The one step forward and 3 steps back may feel like a major hinderance but really it’s an ego thing this month. Work-out/exercise to balance what other things are sliding under the rug. Any unorthodox approaches need the same respect as someone who doesn’t know you coming to you. You have the power this month.

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