March 2023

King of Pentacles | 6 of Swords

Hey Taurus. The spring time transitions for your money flow is moving differently as long as you keep your money space sacred and living space sacred. You have people who want to challenge how you got your position or they’re questioning your after hours. You’re focused and though your thoughts are on parts of the past with love and your transitions into betterment, you have a few more moments of healing to address. There are friends around you who aren’t telling you the full story but in addition have you been open to listening to what some of your friends have to say or haven’t said? Sometimes it’s paranoia and other times it’s a wall of stubbornness everyone knows you for, yet some situations you may be taking the wrong way. In other terms, you’re on schedule with your projects and what fulfills you. Mind your business and what fills you back back during these blindsided moments. Taurus, have a shining March, spring greets you well.

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