May 2023

Page of Cups | 3 of Swords

Hey Virgo. Your desire to have more attention to whatever capacity is coming with some rough edges attached. Some of you may have a chip on your shoulder from how you’ve been treated and the starting over process is running into a lot more roadblocks than you intended or anticipated. This month you have striking looks regardless of what or where you’ve from. Your libido has returned but so is a dose of healthy wisdom. The planets and astros are aligning for you to finally start over especially after the eclipse we had last month in Aries. Some of you are highly fertile. Have fun, be safe, and or congratulations on getting pregnant if that was your goal. Be mindful for the next 3 months to be safe with how you treat your body and mental. You have love rushing back in and so will some acclaim. Don’t let it go to your head especially if you haven’t decided your routes in life. It’s a good starting point or a new set goal of attention after the wave of this month passes. Old hustles or hobbies you lost faith in want to be revived, will you hear the small voice of putting yourself first and listening without stirring the pot with something else unrelated?

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